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Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Brief Overview About Asuransi prudential

Brief Overview

As a short background, this was first declared at the East Asian Insurance Congress (EAIC), conference, where the 11 member-cities* (including Indonesia, represented by Jakarta) agreed on the date above to be commemorated as an "Insurance Day" in all member-countries.

In Indonesia, our small team consist of the five insurance associations which are: the life insurance association (AAJI), general insurance association (AAUI), social security association (AAJSI), insurance brokers (ABAI), and insurance adjuster (AAAI), all under the auspices of the Federation of Indonesian Insurance Associations (FAPI).

The Insurance Day Indonesia committee divides the goals as such:

Socialization and Kick Off of the Insurance Day Indonesia declaration- 18 October 2006
Medium-Long Term:
Education of insurance basics and the importance of insurance to the public
Expanding the image of the industry and its sales force
Socializing job opportunities in the industry and highlighting the profession in insurance as a noble profession with a bright future
Providing financial security to more people in Indonesia now and in the future
Increase the growth of the industry to place it as one of the nation's economic pillar
The series of events which happened prior to, and on the declaration of Insurance Day Indonesia 18 October 2006 are:
Insurance industry parade, consisting of:
Fun Walk, 1,000 people marching through the central business district of central Jakarta
Social activities; clean-up in 2 Jakarta landmarks, Istiqlal Mosque, and Jakarta Cathedral
Blood donation; 200+ donors for the benefit of the Indonesian Red Cross
Car Festival (vehicle parade in 5 regions of Jakarta)
Press Conference and Insurance Day Indonesia declaration, with invitees from the Indonesian Ministry of Finance , members of the press, and insurance practitioners. The declaration was incorporated in a Break-fasting event, at which the Indonesian Minister of Finance declared the Insurance Day Indonesia.

* Members of EAIC are countries represented by their cities (city-member). They are: Bandar Sri Begawan, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Macau, Manila, Seoul, Singapore, Taipei, and Tokyo

Source : prudential.co.id


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